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R2 COB H13 9008 8000LM LED Headlight Conversion Kit, Hi/Lo beam headlamp, Dual Beam Head Light, HID or Halogen Head light Replacement, 6500K Xenon White, 1 Pair- 1 Year Warranty

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  • Issue: low beam headlight bulbs quit working, after several replacements, installing new bulbs (lamps) does not repair the issue. The vehicle currently has no low beam headlights, the vehicle only has high beam headlights. Not driveable at night. Tipm (totally integrated power module) is at fault according to Dodge technician. The left (drivers side) low beam headlight went out in 2007, I replaced the headlamp bulb. Ok. The right (passenger side) low beam headlight went out in early 2008. I replaced the headlamp bulb. Ok. In 2012 ,both low beam headlights went out. I replaced both lamps. Ok. In 2013, the right (passengers side) low beam headlamp went out. I replaced the right (passengers side) low beam lamp, but the light still does not work. I took to shop, and they attempted to repair, but could not locate issue. They said, no fuses to replace, it has a tipm module that controls the lighting. In 2014, the left (drivers side) low beam headlight went out. I replaced the headlamp bulb. Still no lights. In 2014, I called the Dodge dealer, spoke with service. The technician told me that this is a recurring problem with the 2006 Dodge ram headlights, that it is probably the tipm (totally integrated power module) that needs replaced. The quoted cost of the tipm was approximately $800 and the labor about $150. Summary: March 2015. The 2006 Dodge ram is not operational except during daylight hours. It only has operational high beam headlights, no low beam headlights. All new bulbs. I cannot afford a repair bill of almost $1,000 to get a $20 headlight to operate by replacing the tipm . Dodge needs to address this issue in my opinion. The issue just gets worse with time, and then, replacing the light bulbs does not help.

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  • Enhance your visibility at night by installing the Custom Angel Eyes 2006 Dodge Ram Headlights. These lights instantaneously heighten the appeal of your car and offer you complete satisfaction on your driving. Our main objective is to satisfy our customers by providing quality products at reasonable rate. That is why we offer unbeatable price range on our entire range of car accessories. You can surely pass through all the dire situations at night on a bumpy road after installing these high-quality lighting fixtures. Besides quality, we also focus on exterior appeal. Our each and every product is made by blending style, efficiency, and durability. The sturdy nature of these lighting panels offers safety and security at roads. Moreover, you will get a complete manufacturing warranty with your product. Not only these, we offer 100% money back option on our products if you feel unsatisfied with your purchase. In a nutshell, we strive to offer the most effective headlights for your car at a reasonable price. Choose your most prominent Dodge Ram headlights from our wide array of collection. You do not have to pay any charges for shipping and sales tax as we offer free shipping and no sales tax option. For your every purchase of Dodge Ram, AutoLightPros is the ultimate choice. You can check out other if you’re looking for anything else. Also, we have plenty of great matching , and if you’re looking to transform your ride with a full set. Let us know if we can help with anything!.

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