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Xprite 4" Inch 60W Cree Led Fog Lights for Jeep Wrangler 1997-2016 JK TJ LJ Off Road Fog Lamps

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  • All of the Jeep Wrangler JK LED Fog light options are explained in depth and are all compared to one another. Chris shows you how to install the led lights on the Jeep JK stock bumper. All of these lights are compared against a wall to show you the differences in light output.

    These Spyder Jeep Wrangler LED Fog Lights come with all the necessary parts for installation, including fog lamp switch, foglight wiring harness and necessary brackets. Also, these Spyder Jeep Wrangler LED Fog Lights sell in full set (Left & Right). Professional installation recommended.

  • While most modern Jeep Wranglers have adequate lighting systems as soon as they leave the factory, the upgraded Jeep LED fog lights are built to handle the more robust driving situations. Jeep LED fog lights beam extraordinarily bright lights toward the surface, to help guide you through the uncertainties associated with adverse weather conditions. Instead of the dim and boring yellow illuminations from your factory , the Jeep Wrangler LED fog lights emit beautiful, crisp, and clean white lights, that will vastly increase your visibility in the midst of the elements.

    If you have decided to take your Wrangler off-roading under the moonlight, you are going to need to see what lies below you on the terrain. Many factory Jeep Wrangler fog lights shine just a few feet ahead, or worse, illuminate against the fog and the mist. The dim yellow lights do not offer the protection that is required for off-roading at night. The vibrant white light beaming from the Jeep Wrangler LED fog lights however gives you a clear view of what lies ahead and underneath your vehicle. In addition to providing you with a better line of sight, your Jeep Wrangler LED fog lights allow you more time to react if anything hazardous lies in your way.

  • Instead of 1 traditional low tech halogen bulbs, these Spyder Jeep Wrangler LED Fog Lights use multiple light emitting diodes to provide striking LED illumination from several points on the lens. Also, they make the perfect complement for LED projector headlights as well as a great finishing touch for your Wrangler with LED taillights.

Hoop & Rear Bumper with LED Fog Lamps for 07-17 Jeep® Wrangler JK

LED lighting systems are rapidly growing in popularity, and have become one of the fastest-growing trends in the automotive world. Many vehicle owners, particularly Jeep Wrangler drivers, enjoy the efficient engineering of LED lighting, while avoiding the cheaper and far less efficient traditional bulbs. While you’re shopping around for new Jeep Wrangler LED fog lights, feel free to check out CJ’s selection of and !