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Depo 212-19J1FXASVCR Performance Tail Light Kit

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  • While smoking your Lexus GS300 taillights (tinting them) is certainly possible through the use of carefully applied spray tint (use light even coats), doing so may make them too dark to be legal. Please check your local laws as well as smoked Lexus GS300 taillights of any darkness might be illegal in your area.

    The Lexus GS300 is the car of choice for drivers who prefer to ride in comfort and style. This luxury sports sedan offers and combines performance with superior handling. The GS300 is the car to impress, whether you are driving to work or for a night out with friends. However, nothing can ruin an evening faster than a burnt-out Lexus GS300 tail light. Properly functioning tail lights are legally required and keep your vehicle visible and safe to drive at night. With some routine maintenance, owners can spot a faulty tail light and replace it before it causes problems. Many owners also like to swap out their original tail lights with designs that will enhance the style of their Lexus. It is natural for the bulbs in your Lexus GS300 tail light to become worn out. Fortunately, it is easy for drivers to replace burnt out bulbs. When lighting isnât restored after the bulbs are replaced, there may be more serious electrical problems. However, collisions can cause damage to the entire lens, making it necessary to replace the entire tail light. Quality tail lights are designed to withstand rain, humidity, and the shock that results from collisions. Choosing OEM replacements will ensure that your tail light is the right fit for your Lexus GS300.

  • They are available for the following Lexus GS300 years: 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 00, 99, 98. This part is also sometimes called Lexus GS300 Taillights. We stock tail light parts for most Lexus models including , , , , , , , , , , , and .

    We stock these Tail Light brands for the Lexus GS300: Action Crash and Dorman.

    As far as we know the Sonar (aka Spyder) and KS (Anzo) brand tail lights on our website are all street legal as mandated by federal law in the United States. This basically means that they are designed to the specifications set forth by the DOT (United States Department of Transportation). Occasionally, DOT might test models for compliance. If any Lexus GS300 taillights fail (rare) DOT will have the companies issue a recall. For those tail lens, you can return them to us for a refund. For any other brands besides Sonar (aka Spyder) and KS (aka Anzo), we can not guarantee DOT compliance. Also, please be advised that your local laws that may disallow these sorts of taillights to be used.

  • 98-05 Lexus GS300 Tail Lights
    98-05 Lexus GS300 LED Tail Lights – Red Clear
    Lexus GS300 98-05 LED Tail Lights Black
    98-05 Lexus GS300 LED Tail Lights – Smoke

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Lexus GS300 Tail Light Assemblies most often integrate the function of stop lights and turn signals in a single element; they might include a hazard signal as well. Your Tail Light Assembly kit comes with braking lights, signal indicators, and parking lights. Your Tail Light Assembly is an integral part of your lighting system which enhances the presence of your car to vehicles behind you. Your auto can't operate with its best performance carrying an inoperative Tail Light Assembly, so get a replacement immediately. Replacing a failing component in your Lexus GS300 using a top-line Action Crash Tail Light Assembly is the best move.