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JCC LCD Smart Light Activated Sensor Digital Alarm Clock- 9903

EGOFLEX Night Light with Smart Sensor - LED Night Light Plug In Guide Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor Lighting for Bathroom, Bedroom, Hallway [Pack of 8]

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  • Little (second from right) and his colleagues at LESA recently received a patent for a system of smart LED lights and sensors that can detect the location and poses of occupants in a room without using cameras.

    Flipping the OxySense night light up, you’ll see the small smart light sensor. On the back, in the bottom third, is where you’ll find your AC power prongs. Based on the design, you’ll want to plug it into the top socket of a dual socket power outlet. If you don’t, you’ll be covering the top outlet and losing a spot to plug something else in.

  • Once plugged into a wall outlet, the OxyLED OxySense LED Night Lights perform as expected. When it’s day time and there’s enough light in the room, the night light is off. As the room gets darker, the night light turns on for added illumination. A cool feature about the OxySense LED Night Lights is that the smart light sensor adjusts the intensity of the night light based on how dark the room is. In other words, the darker the room, the brighter the LED will be.

The SMART Dimmer Plus is hard wired to the SMART Motion Sensor.